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Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management
with Cutting-Edge Technology


Our technology enables businesses to achieve operational excellence through visibility, real-time updates and complete integration


Web & Cloud Based

Our platform is accessible from anywhere, ensuring real-time updates and seamless collaboration

Interactive & Integrated

Users can customise the platform to their specific needs across all areas of the supply chain, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness

Client Specific

We tailor our technology solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client, ensuring maximum benefit

Real-Time Updates

Stay informed with instant updates on shipment status, inventory levels, and more


Gain valuable insights with advanced analytics and reporting features

Market Comparisons

Compare performance against industry benchmarks to identify areas for improvement


  • Streamline your booking process by connecting from your system to ours with API messaging to access our network of carriers. Or simply clone your previous jobs – it’s that easy.
  • Get real-time status on your bookings and scheduled collections / deliveries

Shipment Tracking

  • Track full visibility of your orders from the time they are placed through to the final delivery. The MoveIt4u system will provide the important visibility to manage your supply chain and satisfy your customers, each and every time.
  • Get real-time updates on all milestones of your jobs

Transport Management

  • Fleet management and sub-contractors can all connect to the one MoveIt4u platform using our online and phone app solutions
  • Receive real-time updates from all connected drivers, including sign on glass Proof Of Deliveries

Rate Management

  • Maintain all your transport rates across all carriers within one platform, no matter the mode or volume. MoveIt4u makes it easy to control your supply chain costs.

Cost Leverage

  • Compare pricing against industry benchmarks to identify cost improvements
  • Our deep industry experience and data-driven analysis enables us to  leverage cost saving opportunities for your business


  • View reports that will assist in the day-to-day management of your supply chain.
  • KPIs and carrier performance can be viewed across your entire supply chain.


  • Using our quotes system, receive rates from our network of carriers all around Australia.
  • MoveIt4u has a vast network of carriers no matter what your mode or volume is.

CO2 Emission Tracking

  • MoveIt4u helps you manage your carbon footprint by tracking C02 emissions across all shipments and carriers

Compare your business performance against industry benchmarks.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you.