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The MoveIt4u App

What format is MoveIt4u available on?

MoveIt4u is available on all internet browsers, ipads, iphones and androids.

Can I accept more than one job?

Yes, you can accept more than one job to set up future jobs – however you cannot start a job until your previous job is finished.

What happens when I accept a job?

Subject to chain of responsibility compliance, once you have accepted the job you are committed to delivering that job.

Can I accept or bid on jobs not in my area?

Yes, you can accept or bid on jobs on any area.

How do I see jobs outside my area?

You can scroll using the map or set up parameters in your preference settings.

Can I cancel a job once I have accepted it?

Unless the consignment is not suitable for carriage or in breach of chain of responsibility legislation, no, you cannot cancel a job once committed – you must contact the Helpdesk at MoveIt4u.

How do I increase my ranking as a driver?

The more jobs that are completed within the agreed time frames, the greater your ranking will be.

Who will see my jobs when I post them?

You can decide if companies and drivers you already work with see your jobs, or whether they are posted to the public.

How do I get paid as a driver?

Upon the receiver signing on glass, MoveIt4u will generate an invoice to the consignor and you will be paid within 28 days of transaction.

When will I get paid as a driver?

You will be paid within 28 days of transaction.

How do I get paid for waiting time as a driver?

The transport company will view your waiting time rate and include it in their acceptance before accepting your bid.

When will I be billed?

MoveIt4u raises invoices weekly.