The MoveIt4u App

What format is Moveit4u available on?

Moveit4u is available on all internet browsers, ipads, iphones and androids.

Can I accept more than one job?

Yes, you can accept more than one job to set up future jobs – however you cannot start a job until your previous job is finished.

What happens when I accept a job?

Once a job is accepted you are committed to delivering that job.

Can I accept or bid on jobs not in my area?

Yes, you can accept or bid on jobs on any area.

How do I see jobs outside my area?

You can scroll using the map or set up parameters in your preference settings.

Can I cancel a job once I have accepted it?

No, you cannot cancel a job once committed – you must contact helpdesk at Moveit4u.

How do I increase my ranking as a driver?

The more jobs that are completed within the agreed time frames, the greater your ranking will be.

Who will see my jobs when I post them?

You can decide if companies and drivers you already work with see your jobs, or whether they are posted to the public.

How do I get paid as a driver?

Exactly the same way you do now – invoice the transport company directly. Moveit4u will email all the company details, together with information including agreed rates, to you on all completed jobs. Moveit4u also tracks the GPS position of collection, delivery and completion for records of the job.

When will I get paid as a driver?

Before accepting each job you will be able to view the transport company’s payment terms.

How do I get paid for waiting time as a driver?

The transport company will view your waiting time rate and include it in their acceptance before accepting your bid.

What payment methods do you accept?

Acceptance of credit cards and Paypal.

When will I be billed?

Subscription fees are billed on the first day of the month. Container fees are billed weekly.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Contact Accounts via our CONTACT US page and advise us of your profile ID number