The shipping industry has been around for over 1,000 years, and until recently there have been few major technological breakthroughs. The industry has been operating in the same way all these years, and few have leveraged the Internet for business, except for online tracking and electronic document transfers. 

Then, along came 2015, when disruptive technology became the norm in everyday life, with such apps as Uber, AirBNB and AirTasker becoming mainstream.

In a similar theme, MoveIt4u was born and launched in Sydney in 2017 as an innovative solution for the delivery of shipping containers, using both the internet and phone apps as its solution.

In this industry where volumes are ever changing throughout the course of the year, with truck availability being either under or over utilised, pressure is placed on transport companies, freight forwarders, and importers and exporters to meet their customers’ delivery needs. Invariably, trucks are never in the right location at the right time.

MoveIt4u solves this industry problem by collaboratively connecting owner drivers and transport companies to the needs of anyone wanting containers delivered – anywhere – anytime. MoveIt4u is the first in the world to develop functionality for pick ups or deliveries from wharves, rail heads, empty container parks – whether they be single or round trip jobs – different size containers and whether they are full or empty. And as the chain or responsibility (COR) laws in Australia take effect, Movelt4u has modelled its registration policy to capture the legislative requirements.

Unlike Uber, MoveIt4u’s intention is not to drive the prices down for delivery services, but for prices to be determined by the marketplace. As the bids for jobs are not visible to each other, there is no competitive bidding like Ebay.

MoveIt4u utilizes today’s technology including GPS tracking, “live” updates via email and SMS, driver ratings and various reporting. And, it is all available via your PC, iPad, iPhone or android phone with the app which  can be downloaded from iTunes or GooglePlay stores.

If you are a owner driver or transport company looking for more work, a freight forwarder, importer or exporter who needs an urgent delivery, or a transport company requiring more drivers to get through the workload, then MoveIt4u is for you. 

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